Hefei Protea Gifts Co., Ltd is a professional China custom lanyards manufacturer, was founded in 2010, is located in Hefei city, Anhui province. We are specialized in wholesale custom made lanyards for all of you, welcome to visit our company website to custom unique lanyards!
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As the professional wholesale custom lanyards manufacturer, our company specializes in China custom promotional items by producing and selling of various handicraft gifts, promotional items and advertising gift such as custom print lanyards, mobile phone lanyards, hang rope, hanging belt, luggage belt, key chain lanyards, badge lanyards, branded lanyards, computer jacquard lanyards and other cutsom made lanyards, etc. our products mainly exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Japan, Africa, Africa, Oceania, South America and other countries. We have advanced production equipment, specialized senior technical personnel, can provide the high-quality and stable personalized business lanyards to different customers. If you are looking for the suitable custom unique promotional layards or the personalized business lanyards items, welcome to contact us, we will provide you high quality personal custom lanyards and best price for you.

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  • The ABS plastic holders is a kind of our badge holders. ABS material has advantages of high strength, toughness, and ease of forming, the ABS plastic holders well inherited its virtues. In addition to the advantages of these materials, we have also thickened and widened the periphery of the ABS plas

  • The PVC badge holder is a economical and practical badge holder, it has wide usages. The PVC badge holder often used as an identity card holder, visitor pass holder, conference pass, name of the event holder, etc. In many places, the PVC badge holder can show its wide purposes. The PVC badge holders

  • The function of lanyard The lanyard is one of the most popular daily necessities, is among the few popular items that have a rich history. Not only be used as ID holder or fashion accessory, the lanyard also has many other functions. Company activityApplication of lanyard is the most common used for

  • As we all know, the custom individual necklace as one of the popular business items are commonly used to enhance awareness about their products and services.There are series of reasons why choose custom lanyards as the ideal custom promotional items, and the flowing list will provide you some common

  • When you're in a trade show, what's the way to get them to remember your company and make a lasting impression? At this time, we believe that if there are some promotional lanyards of your own custom brand as will impress your business. Custom lanyards are a wonderful way to promote your company or

  • The custom badge holders is common in the hospital, school, office building, etc. The custom badge holders can help organization or group organized in one place, can also help spread the name of company’s brand. This is why every organization needs their own custom badge holder. As a professional ba

Hefei Protea Gifts Co., Ltd is a professional China wholesale custom promotional lanyards manufacturers, was founded in 2010, is located in Hefei city, Anhui province. We are specialized in personalized business lanyards for all of you, welcome to visit our company website to custom unique lanyards!


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