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The function of lanyard

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The function of lanyard


The lanyard is one of the most popular daily necessities, is among the few popular items that have a rich history. Not only be used as ID holder or fashion accessory, the lanyard also has many other functions.


Company activity

Application of lanyard is the most common used for company activities. Their names and products are printed on the lanyards, sometimes, they also leave their contact information on the lanyard. For short business activities, they will choose the cheaper lanyard, such as flat polyester lanyards or nylon lanyards. For company pass, they will choose good quality custom lanyards.


Electronic devices holders 

This is one of the most common uses of lanyards. You can use lanyards to hold your MP3, mobile phone, camera, U disk, etc. Some of these devices have a through-hole built on the corner side of their cases where you can attach the lanyard to it conveniently.


For safe climbing

The lanyard are used by climbers usually. The lanyard has to really be strong so that the lanyard won’t break or collapse while the user climbs up. The lanyards for climbing have buckles that make them adjustable. Their main purpose is to prevent the user from falling.


As souvenirs

In the exhibition, conferences and concerts and other activities, the promoters usually sell or give away all kinds of commodities, lanyard is the most common. When you wear the souvenir lanyard, you can cherish a memorable moment.


Identification badge holder

The lanyard used for students, employees, personnel, and members of certain organizations carry identification badges. The lanyards are also beneficial to security guards as it is easier for them to locate ids attached to lanyards.


These applications are just some representative parts, the lanyard also has many other applications. Therefore, the role of lanyard can't be ignored. As a professional lanyard provider in China, we provide customer various kinds of lanyards, you can browse our website to select the lanyard you need.

Hefei Protea Gifts Co., Ltd is a professional China wholesale custom promotional lanyards manufacturers, was founded in 2010, is located in Hefei city, Anhui province. We are specialized in personalized business lanyards for all of you, welcome to visit our company website to custom unique lanyards!


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