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Why the customized lanyard is a ideal custom promotional items

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As we all know, the custom individual necklace as one of the popular business items are commonly used to enhance awareness about their products and services.There are series of reasons why choose custom lanyards as the ideal custom promotional items, and the flowing list will provide you some common reasons for choosing the customized lanyards.


Visibility of the lanyards


No matter what the ad is,the goal must be attract the general public attentions.Custom designed lanyards are worn around people' neck, and making the lanyards extremely visible.Then there will reach the goal that as many people as possible to see the customized lanyards.


Choices of the lanyards


As a buyer which want to purchase the custom lanyards, you can fully express your own views and choice about the lanyards during the making process of customized lanyards, because the lanyards provide more choice than any other promotional products.You can not only choose the lanyards material,but also be able to make the decision of the lanyards' style and manufacturing  process.You can also choose the color and the writing printed on the cord.In a word, it's up to you to decide what the custom lanyards will be like.


Material of the lanyards


Every material has pros and cons.If you are trying to create an eco friendly impression then think about selecting a lanyard which has been made using recycled materials. Both cotton and polymers can be used to make lanyards. The other alternative is to select a cord which is made from a renewable resource. Bamboo, cotton and silk are all cloths which come from renewable resources. Bamboo is one the best choices because it is not only grown it requires little in the way of either herbicides or pesticides while it is growing. If you are trying to create an up-scale image you might want to consider selecting wither a pure cotton or a satin. There are lots of materials of customized lanyards, you can according to your own needs to choose the suitable materials of customized lanyards.


Attachment of the lanyards


The clasp is extremely important for lanyards. If you want people to wear or use your lanyards you have to design one which they will like and want to use. If you think that your customers will use the lanyard to carry keys, then you should choose for a key ring. There are kinds of different rings to choose from if this is your view. This ring is able to split into two separate pieces. This means that if you want to use the keys you can remove them from the ring without taking off the entire cord.


Writing of the lanyards


You can printed the name of your company on the lanyard cord, if you are getting the lanyards to advertise.And you can also make the logo of your business on the lanyard ribbon,including the slogan or the motto of the business.So,the writing of the lanyards is a important part.


Lifetime of the lanyards


The life time must be a important reason for choosing the customized lanyards. A lanyard has an extremely long life time. No matter what kind of product you choose, you want it to last long time. You do not want it to break or be run out in a few of days. A high quality lanyard can last for many years. They are strong, durable and can be easily cleaned if they get dirty.So, the customized lanyard is a perfect choice as the custom promotional items.


Here are only parts of the reasons why customized lanyards be an perfect and ideal promotional items, but has been able to prove its unique and the company's best custom promotional products.

Hefei Protea Gifts Co., Ltd is a professional China wholesale custom promotional lanyards manufacturers, was founded in 2010, is located in Hefei city, Anhui province. We are specialized in personalized business lanyards for all of you, welcome to visit our company website to custom unique lanyards!


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